ESSM Intern Parent Meeting

Meeting Agenda

September 6, 2016


Type of Meeting: Junior/Senior Internship Overview

Meeting Facilitator: Ms. Q. Donaldson, Mrs. J. Polk, Ms. K. Wilson

Invitees: Parents of junior and senior students

  1. Call to order
  2. Items
  3. Calendar/Start Dates/Trial Run/Intern Packets
Intern Packets Due Date Intern Start Date
Seniors (12th): September 6 Seniors (12th): September 14
Juniors (11th): September 14 Juniors (11th): September 21/22
  1. Attire
    Education: Polo shirts w/Black slacks
    *can wear jeans on Fridays w/ESSM t-shirt or spirit shirt

Human Services: ESSM t-shirt or Polo shirt (depending on location)

  1. Transportation
    DART passes are received in class before the intern days for the week (i.e. Monday or Tuesday)
  2. Intern Times
Human Services Education
Juniors (11th): 9:00-11:30 *2.5 hours required Juniors (11th): 8:00am-11:30am *3 hours required
Seniors (12th): 2:00-4:15 (varies depending on site) *2 hours required Seniors (12th): 1:15-3:15 *2 hours required
  1. Lunch (Juniors)
    Outside food cannot be brought back to the school. Return to school and check-in with teacher by 12:45pm and return to the cafeteria.
  2. Intern Contract
    *Please read thoroughly
  3. Junior Fees
    See Fee schedule
    *Senior Fees will be discussed at the mandatory parent meeting in October
  • Notarize Intern Packets/Adjournment