Rosie Sorrells Family and Community Services Track

Family and Community Services Pathway:  Employees with careers in family and community services help the homeless, housebound, and infirm cope with circumstances of daily living; counsel troubled and emotionally disturbed individuals; train or retrain the unemployed or underemployed; care for the elderly and the physically and mentally disabled; help the needy obtain financial assistance; and solicit contributions for various social services organizations.
Graduation Endorsement: Public Service
Possible Careers: Social Worker, City and Regional Planning Aides, Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists, Social Science Research Assistant (S)


Family and Community Services Courses

Freshman Year

  • Pre-AP English I
  • Pre-AP Algebra or Pre-AP Geometry 
  • Principles of Human Services 
  • Child Development 
  • Pre-AP Biology
  • AP Human Geography
  • PE
  • Foreign Language Elective

Sophomore Year

  • Pre-AP English II
  • Pre-AP Geometry or Pre-AP Algebra II
  • Family & Community Services
  • Money Matters (Opportunity for Financial Literacy Certification)
  • Pre-AP Chemistry
  • AP World History
  • PE (semester)/Health (semester) or Fine Arts Elective
  • Foreign Language Elective

Junior Year

  • AP English III
  • Pre-AP Algebra II or Pre-AP Pre-Calculus
  • Practicum in Human Services I (internship with local companies)
  • AP Environmental Science or AP Physics
  • AP US History
  • SAT Prep
  • Elective

Senior Year

  • AP English IV
  • Pre-AP Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus AB
  • Economics/Government
  • Science Elective
  • College Readiness/Dual Credit
  • Practicum in Human Services II/Dual Credit Cohort (internship with local companies)
  • Elective

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